Employee Food Gifts Will Delight Your Workplace

A timeless workplace gift: employee food gifts!

Photo via Calvert Cafe & Catering, Flickr

Employee food gifts can make your workers’ day. Naturally, you want to express appreciation and make employees feel valued—after all, they’re the reason your business is successful!

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How to Write Your New Years Thank You Note

holiday thank you note

Photo by AthTek, via Flickr

A New Years thank you note lets employees, customers, and business partners know how much you value your relationships with them, and that you look forward to continuing to do business together.

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Why Writing an Employee Thank You Note Still Matters

Why write thank you notes to your employees?

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, with smartphones, tablets, and laptops within arms’ reach, it’s all too easy to fire off a text or an email to recognize your employees and express gratitude for their performance.

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Favorite Summertime Employee Thank You Gifts

Employee Thank You Gifts - Thank You BubbleEmployees appreciate your gratitude year-round, and summertime presents opportunities galore for thoughtful employee thank you gifts.

Why Are Thank You Gifts Important?

Everyone instinctively wants to feel valued, and that includes in the workplace too. 

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