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Free Thanksgiving Turkey Cookbook by gThankYou!

Free Thanksgiving Turkey Cookbook by gThankYou

Thanksgiving is a time to gather and enjoy family and friends. It’s our uniquely American holiday focused on giving thanks for the bounty of our lives. The focus is on celebrating sharing a feast with a much-loved turkey centerpiece…but what if you are not sure how to handle or cook the bird?

gThankYou is pleased to offer our free downloadable Thanksgiving Turkey Cookbook designed to take the stress out of preparing your holiday turkey.  Everyone can enjoy this easy-to-use resource that answer questions from shopping to cooking and serving your holiday turkey centerpiece. This book is full of helpful tips for novices and seasoned pros!

Your workforce will find our free turkey cookbook helpful, too. Why not share the link with employees and coworkers, along with a Thanksgiving greeting? Everyone is sure to appreciate its helpful tips for preparing the perfect bird!

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How to Enrich Your Employee Holiday Gifts

Enrich your employee holiday gifts with free Enclosure Cards from gThankYou!Enrich your holiday gifts for employees with gThankYou Enclosure Cards — the easiest way to share your workplace gratitude along with your meaningful, practical gift of a gThankYou! Gift Certificate for Turkey Or Ham,

This year we’re offering more than two dozen Enclosure Card designs for the 2015 Christmas & Winter Holiday Season (in addition to a variety of nearly 30 Autumn & Thanksgiving designs!).

Our popular Enclosure Cards are included with any purchase of gThankYou! Gift Certificates. They’re 3-inches high by 4-inches wide (3″ x 4″) and printed on high-quality card stock.

Give us your personal message for recipients and, if you like, your company logo. We create a proof for you to approve and include the cards with your order – all FREE!

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How to Redeem Your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate

Redeem your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate at any virtually any grocery store in the U.S.

Redeem your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate for any Brand of turkey, at any grocery chain in the U.S. than honors Manufacturer Coupons.

Redeeming your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Redeem (and enjoy!) your Turkey Gift Certificate today — or whenever works for you. Your holiday gift is good through the end of April of the following year. You choose when you want to enjoy your gift and where you want to redeem it.

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Last Minute Turkey Vouchers for Your Thanksgiving Gift

gThankYou turkey gift certificateTurkey vouchers are the perfect Thanksgiving gift for your employees and customers. Who doesn’t love a delicious turkey dinner during the holidays?

In a pinch? Order gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates  and have them shipped the very same day! Need overnight shipping? No problem. It’s available.

With gThankYou’s turkey vouchers, your recipients can choose any brand of turkey from virtually any grocery store in the U.S. They can shop at their convenience and buy whatever size turkey fits their feast. gThankYou! Gift Certificates are Manufacturer Coupons people redeem at checkout like other cents-off coupons.

Take advantage of our free Enclosure Cards to personalize your turkey voucher gift!You can personalize your turkey vouchers with recipient and giver names, if you like, and give them to employees or customers with our free Enclosure Cards. We offer volume pricing for large orders, and if you have a distributed workforce, use our customized online ordering to enable each location to place its order.

gThankYou Gift Certificates are easy to purchase, either online at or by phone at 888-484-1658. Our turkey vouchers fit in standard business-sized envelopes, so they’re easy to send with company mailings or distribute in person. They’re convenient, affordable, and flexible.

Whether your recipients want to make a traditional roast Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings, or try deep-fried turkey, our turkey vouchers are sure to please.

Learn more about gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude by clicking the image below for our 2-Page guide.

Download Your Free Guide to gThankYou Turkey Vouchers!

About gThankYou

Turkey Gift Certificates and Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates by gThankYou! are two of America’s favorite employee gifts and can be redeemed for any Brand (Turkey or Turkey Or Ham), at virtually any Grocery Store in the U.S.

gThankYou, LLC provides company leaders with a variety of easy, meaningful and affordable ways to recognize and reward employees, holiday time or anytime. gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude and our free Enclosure Cards are customizable including incorporating your company logo. And, nearly all orders ship same day.

Easy Butterball Turkey Gift Giving by gThankYou

gThankYou makes giving butterball turkey gift giving easy and flexible!You already know the value of a Butterball turkey gift at the holidays — it’s a practical and meaningful gift your employees can share with the whole family, and it upholds a time-honored American tradition.

Don’t underestimate the power of choice! Let employees choose the centerpiece of their family holiday celebration with the flexibility to buy what works best for their family.

gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates and gThankYou! Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates give your recipients the flexibility to choose any Brand and any preparation of whole turkey (or ham). Recipients choose:

  • the turkey they want — whether it’s a Butterball, Norbest, Smithfield, Jennie-O, Foster Farms or any other brand or variety (fresh, frozen or even cooked)
  • where they want, at the grocery store of their choice
  • when they want it!

So when you share the thoughtful gift of a holiday turkey or ham, why not let them choose the product that works best for them? gThankYou makes it easy for you to share your workplace gratitude and loved by recipients!

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Why the Employee Turkey Gift Tradition Matters

Employee turkey gifts communicate your holiday appreciation.

Turkeys embody the grateful spirit of the season — and that’s why the employee turkey tradition has endured for generations! (Photo via jennie-o, Flickr)

Ever wonder about the origins of the employee turkey gift tradition? For almost as long as turkeys have played a starring role on the Thanksgiving dinner table, companies have been giving turkeys to their employees at Thanksgiving as an expression of appreciation.

It’s an American tradition that has stayed with us for generations — and it’s more relevant than ever today!

There’s a reason why the New York Times calls employee turkey gifts a workplace “ritual” — buying turkeys for employees is a practical, meaningful and appreciated holiday gift.

It’s also smart business.

Employee appreciation is crucial now more than ever in the post-recession economy, as employers discover that employee appreciation builds a relationship beyond a paycheck.

Holiday turkey gifts, when accompanied by clearly expressed “thanks” from management, build employee engagement and a stronger culture of workplace gratitude.

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Buying Turkeys for Employees – Simplified!

Buying Turkeys for Employees is Easy with gThankYou Turkey Gift Certificates!

With a gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate, recipients can choose the turkey they want, when and where they would like to shop.

gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates simplify the workplace tradition of buying turkeys for employees and preserve the gift’s meaning: gratitude!

For generations, employers have bought turkeys for employees — real, frozen turkeys that weigh up to 25 pounds. It’s an appreciated, well-meaning gesture, but a frozen turkey gift comes with strings attached.

Let’s face it, frozen turkey gifts are not convenient for the giver or the recipient! They’re awkward to store, transport and distribute. And they involve guess-work that’s difficult to know. What if a recipient bikes or takes public transportation, doesn’t have enough freezer space or it’s not the right size or timing for their family?

How can you give the same, meaningful gift with none of the hassles associated with the gift of a frozen turkey? gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates to the rescue! Buying turkeys for employees has never been easier. 

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8 Frightfully Easy Halloween Employee Engagement Ideas

Build employee engagement this Halloween!

Your workplace Halloween celebration is a key holiday for employee engagement. (Adapted via torbakhopper, Flickr)

Halloween is a great opportunity to foster employee engagement and workplace camaraderie — are you taking advantage of it?

Here’s what makes Halloween such a standout engagement time:

It’s popular. According to a 2011 Harris Poll, Halloween ranks third among U.S. adults for favorite holiday. Only Christmas and Thanksgiving rank higher! Halloween outranks the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and even “my birthday.”

It’s participatory. From pumpkins and costume parades to trick-or-treating, Halloween gets people moving, talking and connecting with one another.

It’s creative. Nearly everything we do to celebrate Halloween encourages creativity, from carving the perfect pumpkin to sewing a one-of-a-kind costume.

It’s fun! Yes, a little fun plays an important role at work! Regular opportunities for play in the workplace break down barriers, boost creativity and optimism, lower stress and increase motivation.

Read on for quick employee engagement ideas for a successful workplace Halloween!

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It’s Time to Plan Your Turkey Gift Program!

It's time to plan your turkey gift program! Thanksgiving is on the way!

A Thanksgiving turkey is symbolic of the gratitude of the holiday. Share your employee thanks with a thoughtful gift of a gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate. Your employees will thank you! Photo via icoNYCa, Flickr

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just a month away? You know what that means—it’s time to plan your workplace turkey gift program!

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to show gratitude for what we are thankful for — in the workplace, that’s especially our hard-working, dedicated employees and loyal customers!  What better way to express your thanks than with the gift of the centerpiece of the holiday meal – a Thanksgiving turkey? In “This Thanksgiving, Show Employees Your Gratitude,”  Inovautus Consulting‘s chief growth strategist Sarah Johnson writes:

“Food is the language of love. Isn’t that the centerpiece of this wonderful holiday?”

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Take a Fresh Look at gThankYou for Easy Employee Gifts!

Easy employee gifts are now even easier with gThankYou‘s new and improved website design! After embarking on our ninth year of offering America’s favorite Turkey Gift Certificate and Ham Gift Certificate, we decided it was time for a fresh look and an easier-to-navigate website for our customers.

A new look for the gThankYou! site -- easy to navigate AND easy on the eyes.

A new look for the gThankYou! site — easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

Our updated website design is geared toward convenience — for you, your gift recipients and grocers — as well as making your workplace gift-giving a success with expert guidance from our experienced staff.

As always, gThankYou is about more than employee turkey gifts. In addition to offering convenient, practical and affordable Employee Gift Certificates for a wide variety of grocery store purchases, we’re passionate about helping companies celebrate employees (and customers!) and build a vibrant culture of workplace gratitude.

The new gThankYou! website design makes it even more convenient to find easy employee gifts that suit every workplace, for any occasion! Meanwhile, we continue to cover up-to-date engagement tips and employee recognition trends on our blog, Celebrating Work.

Ready for a tour? Let’s take a look at the new and improved gThankYou website and how it helps you. Employee recognition can be a challenge in today’s job climate, but finding easy employee gifts and recognition support shouldn’t be!

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