Employee Recognition: Go Beyond Workplace Gifts

Workplace gifts are great but share your appreciation daily to make employees feel valued.

Daily recognition builds the foundation for employees to feel valued and important to the success of your business.

Hiring and retaining the right talent has become a strategic focus for leading organizations given the need to manage talent shortages and the big generational shifts impacting business today.

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The Future of Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness trends for a healthy workplace!

Re-energy your workplace wellness activities in 2016!The focus on workplace wellness is here to stay. Healthy employees are more engaged, more productive, and help lower health care costs, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to promote workplace wellness.

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Free Holiday Ham Cookbook from gThankYou!

Free Holiday Ham Cookbook by gThankYou!There’s nothing like a delicious ham at the holiday table. With the help of our free Holiday Ham Cookbook, yours will be perfect!

From purchase to presentation, this downloadable Holiday Ham Guide offers the details you need to serve a fantastic holiday ham with all the fixings.

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What Employees Want Most for the Holidays

what employees want most for the holidays

Party favors are fun, but be sure you’re also sharing your gratitude — it’s what employees want most for the holidays! (Photo by Christian Guthier, Flickr)

What employees want most for the holidays can’t be bought, sold or bargained.

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Secrets to Successful Employee Gift-Giving

Successful employee gift-giving starts with a sincere note of thanks!Successful employee gift-giving is a skill and an art! A well planned, thoughtful holiday gift communicates you care and makes employees feel valued. But what you give and how you give it determines whether your employee gift-giving is a hit or a miss.

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