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Retention Problems? Build a Thank You Culture

Build a thank you culture in your workplace!

Start building your thank you culture today!

Build a thank you culture in your business and you’ll have loyal employees and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Workplace culture is top of mind for many companies as the economy improves. In fact, as Forbes contributor Josh Bersin writes in “Culture: Why It’s The Hottest Topic In Business Today,” employees’ bargaining power has increased:

“We have a retention crisis. New Deloitte research shows that culture, engagement, and employee retention are now the top talent challenges facing business leaders. More than half of business leaders rate this issue ‘urgent’—up from only around 20% last year.”

Check out Bersin’s company culture assessment tools and keep reading for tips on building thank you culture in your workplace!

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#BK2HK: The Amazing Power of Workplace Kindness

Let gThankYou! help you practice workplace kindness!

Workplace kindness can be as simple as a genuine smile and “How are you today?” (Image via Kate Ter Haar, Flickr)

Celebrate workplace kindness in the coming days for “Be Kind to Humankind Week”!

Like kindness itself, Be Kind to Humankind Week (#BK2HK) has spread far and wide thanks to one individual’s actions.

In 1988, founder Lorraine Jara was heartbroken by a story about a young man who died after several people refused to assist in a boat rescue in frigid waters. When asked for permission to use his radio antenna to call for help, one passing boater reportedly said, “We don’t want to be bothered.”

Jara started Be Kind to Humankind Week as a way to encourage kindness in memory of the young man.

“People need people; it’s as simple as that! In order to have the power to make the world a better place, we must first change our attitudes for the better,” she writes on her website.

Not all acts of kindness are a matter of life and death, but even simple choices in how we interact on a daily basis are powerful. In the workplace, a culture of kindness keeps your company robust, healthy and happy.

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How to Engage Senior Citizen Employees

Do Employee engagement right on National Senior Citizen Day with gThankYou!

Senior workers need engagement too! (Photo via Caspar Diederik, Flickr)

On Friday, we celebrated National Senior Citizens Day. As seniors citizens’ ranks grow, be sure you have a plan to engage senior citizen employees!

The role of senior citizens in society has changed dramatically in recent decades. They’re the fastest growing age demographic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and they’re choosing to work now more than ever. Workplaces especially need to adapt.

Seniors in the workplace crave engagement (like the rest of us) and opportunities to learn and add value.  Don’t miss out on all the contributions their maturity and experience can add to your workplace!

Read on for tips on how to engage senior citizen employees and why it’s increasingly important in today’s workplace.

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How B Corps Build Lasting Employee Engagement

Building lasting employee engagement with a B corporation!

Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s got certified as a B Corp in 2012. (Photo via Flickr user m01229)

Want to build sustainable, lasting employee engagement?

Incorporating or getting certified as a Benefit Corporation — or B Corp is trending among for-profit companies committed to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. It fosters engaged workforces that share ownership in this commitment!

Financial success and social good attracts and retains talented employees, according to the New Yorker article “Companies with Benefits.” Survey data indicates piqued interest in socially conscious companies, especially among young people seeking a greater sense of purpose in their work.

“As individuals, we try to make our work not just profitable but also meaningful. It may be time for more companies to do the same,” writes the New Yorker’s James Sorowiecki.

Read on for an intro to Benefit Corporations and Certified B Corps and to find out how a commitment to social good improves employee engagement.

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The Secret to a Perfect Turkey Gift Program!

gThankYou! knows a thing or two about a solid turkey gift program!

Your employees will appreciate being able to stock their fridge — at their convenience — with the centerpiece to their holiday feast! (Photo via USDA, Flickr)

August is the ideal time to start planning your employe turkey gift program!

Thanksgiving is just three months away. The sooner you have your program logistics in place, the more time you’ll have this holiday season to focus on augmenting your turkey gift program with personalized gratitude, holiday parties and seasonal employee engagement activities.

Why give the gift of a turkey?

The gift of food is “the sincerest demonstration of gratitude you can find,” writes Today columnist Laura T. Coffey in a post about office gift-giving.

As the centerpiece to the holiday feast, turkey gifts evoke family togetherness and the joy of the season. They’re not just meaningful — they’re practical, too! That makes them the perfect gift for busy working families who value convenience and time together.

Wondering where to start? We’ve got you covered! The secret to an effective turkey gift program — planning to implementation — is surprisingly simple.

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Gratitude Yields Health Benefits, So Thank Employees Often

Quick reminder to thank your employees!

Gratitude is good for your health! Thank your employees and feel great.

The web is abuzz about the gratitude’s health benefits. It turns out that when you thank employees, you’re not only helping them feel valued and appreciated, but also helping yourself!

Here’s the buzz.

When you thank your employees, it makes you healthy. When workers thank each other, their health improves! As businessperson and writer JD Thornton writes in “Surprising Benefits of Gratitude in the Workplace,” for Total Wellness:

While you may think gratitude is a soft, fluffy feel-good topic, it can have a huge impact on your company.”

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Why Employee Appreciation Is Crucial in the New Economy

The nature of employee appreciation is changing ...are you?

Employee appreciation builds a relationship beyond a paycheck.
(Photo via Kate Ter Haar, Fllickr)

In a post-recession economy, wages don’t tell the whole story of employee compensation.

Employee appreciation and other benefits are on the rise, according to a recent article in the Washington Post’s Wonkblog.

“Broader measures of compensation cast a rosier light on what Americans take home,” writes financial reporter Ylan Q. Mui.

In many cases, employees actually prefer benefits over raises. Employers are discovering that employee appreciation builds a relationship beyond a paycheck, and the growing emphasis on benefits may be the new norm.

The ‘Seismic Shift’ in Compensation

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Employee Holiday Gifts Made Simple — Plan Now!

It's never too late to play for employee holiday gifts!

Thanksgiving is a few short months away. Now’s the time to start planning for employee holiday gifts! (Photo via jamiesrabbits, Flickr)

The season for employee holiday gifts is closer than you think — and the time to start planning is now!

In honor of Simplify Your Life Week, take some time today to sketch out your needs, goals and timeline for sharing employee holiday gifts.

A few minutes now could save you a headache down the line.

Read on for gThankYou!‘s tips to streamline the gift-giving process. Planning your employee holiday gifts has never been simpler!

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6 Must-Have Tools to Improve Workplace Happiness

gThankYou! is ALL about workplace happiness!

Photo via AFGE, Flickr

Studies consistently show that workplace happiness improves engagement and productivity.

International consultant firm iOpener Institute has collected data on the topic for years. As AsJessica Pryce-Jones, the institute’s CEO, writes in Psychology Today’s The business case for happiness at work,” unhappy employees fail to meet business’s expectations. Employees who are least happy at work focus only 40% of their time—or two work days a week—on job tasks.

That’s certainly bad for productivity! These workers also spread negativity at their workplaces, with their poor attitudes and pessimistic commentary.

Fostering workplace happiness is clearly an advantage for your business. Let’s dive into what you’ll need to build a workplace culture based on employee engagement, respect, and happiness.

Must-Have Tools To Improve Workplace Happiness

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Simplify Your Life Week: 5 Ways to Help Workers De-stress

Celebrate Simplify Your Life Week with gThankYou!

Celebrate ‘Simplify Your Life Week’ by helping employees simplify and de-stress. (Photo via Kalyan Kanuri, Flickr)

It’s Simplify Your Life Week!

Simplifying life at work takes organizational cooperation and changes to workplace culture.

Managers have the power to institute these changes and model behavior that inspire everyone at work to simplify both individually and as a team.

“A single employee who desires a simpler culture is not sufficient,” writes Chetan Reddy of Digitalist Magazine. “Rather, the shift to simplify must start from the very top and filter down the workforce chain. […] Launching a simpler culture calls for the lateral and vertical support of everyone.”

“In essence, unity is the best form of simplicity,” Reddy writes.

The benefits of simplicity? Less bureaucracy, better communication, improved health, increased productivity and a more vibrant culture of engagement! In the coming days, celebrate Simplify Your Life Week by helping employees simplify and de-stress.

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