• Random Acts of Kindness Week Starts Sunday — Are You Ready?

    The gThankYou! team is excited for Random Acts of Kindness Week - is yours?

    Celebrate the power of workplace kindness during Random Acts of Kindness Week. (Image via fmsc.org, Flickr)

    Random Acts of Kindness Week starts this Sunday, Feb. 14, and we’re gearing up for a week dedicated to kindness in the workplace!

    Why is #RAKWeek such an important workplace celebration? Because kindness is teachable, spreads quickly, naturally boosts productivity and nurtures a culture of gratitude and happiness. Read our blog post from earlier this week to learn about the science behind workplace kindness.

    Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week in your company plants seeds for a better culture all year round — even with limited resources and time!

    Read on for more info on how to rock Random Acts of Kindness Week in your workplace.


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  • 3 Science-Backed Reasons to Be a Workplace RAKtivist

    Are YOU a workplace RAKtivist? Learn how!Random Acts of Kindness Week is coming up Feb. 14 to 20 — and Random Acts of Kindness Day on Wednesday, Feb. 17. Start planning your workplace RAKtivist activities now!

    What’s a RAKtivist? A “kindness ambassador” who spreads joy through random acts of kindness (RAK).

    A workplace RAKtivist is someone who purposefully brings kindness into a space where we’re least likely to give it or expect it: at work.

    Encourage employees to adopt a “workplace RAKtivist” attitude! From the CEO to interns, an attitude of kindness is a powerful tool that increases generosity, happiness and appreciation in the workplace.

    How does it work? The spirit of Random Acts of Kindness Week spreads like wildfire through small acts of kindness in everyday life. Workplace RAKtivists make seemingly small behavioral choices that affect others in big ways!

    The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation explains:

    There are plenty of things we know we ​should​ do. In fact, there are dozens of them – so it’s easy for things to fall down the priority list. But this is the time of year we bump ‘being kind’ right up to the top of that list – and we’d like you to join us.

    The organization provides a great list of 50 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Week. It’s up to you and your employees to pick and choose your favorites. Becoming a workplace RAKtivist is a creative endeavor and adaptable to any company culture!

    In the workplace, kindness means more than just “being nice.” Read on for the scientific reasons your #RAKweek celebration matters all year long!


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  • Show Your Appreciation: Send a Thank You Note Today!

    workplace thank you notes

    Thoughtful workplace thank you notes show employees you value them. Photo via William Arthur Fine Stationery, Flickr.

    Few things are as meaningful as a handwritten note of thanks. Simple expressions of gratitude such as “I appreciate you” or “Well done!” can make huge impacts in our lives and our workplaces. This weekend, we celebrated National Send a Card to a Friend Day. It’s a great reminder that it’s always a good time to celebrate friends, colleagues, and employees with a thoughtful thank you note.

    As novelist Philip Hensher writes in “The Lost Art of the Handwritten Note,”

    “Did you not feel that someone you knew had, for once, reached out and greeted you, in a way that an email or a text never could?”

    Read on to learn why you should start a habit of thank you note writing!


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  • Employee Recognition: Go Beyond Workplace Gifts

    Workplace gifts are great but share your appreciation daily to make employees feel valued.

    Daily recognition builds the foundation for employees to feel valued and important to the success of your business.

    Hiring and retaining the right talent has become a strategic focus for leading organizations given the need to manage talent shortages and the big generational shifts impacting business today. It’s no surprise then, that effective employee engagement and recognition are more challenging than ever. One thing is certain: it takes more than workplace gifts to pull off a successful employee recognition program!

    According to the YouEarnedIt blog‘s “Employee Retention Strategies for 2016,” Today’s largest workforce segment, Millenials, want at-work friendships and connections, quick feedback, purposeful assignments, and frequent recognition.

    “If HR professionals and company leadership don’t address these expectations, younger employees are inclined to move on, quickly.”

    Don’t risk losing top performers due to old ways of thinking about employee recognition! Read on for expert tips on building recognition programs that will attract, satisfy and keep your workforce.


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  • How to Build a Year-Long Employee Thank You Plan

    What's YOUR employee thank you plan?

    Make gratitude a daily habit by organizing an employee Thank You plan for the year! (Image via jamiesrabbits, Flickr)

    Keep everyone focused and accountable with an annual employee Thank You plan! Investing the time and effort in a year-long employee engagement plan will be a welcome relief in stressful times later in the year.

    Workforce planning is a “big picture” HR strategy that anticipates the booms and busts of your company business cycle, and according to Workforce magazine, “Business people who just wait and then attempt to react to current events will not thrive for very long … The HR world is no different.”

    Make gratitude part of that planning!

    A 2016 employee Thank You plan helps managers understand the importance of employee appreciation, know when and how to hold workplace celebrations, and use the resources they have.

    Read on for tips on building your own 2016 employee Thank You plan. It is the perfect time to start!


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  • Simple Tools to Boost Workplace Communication

    boost workplace communication through video services to keep your whole team involved

    Tools like video conferencing can enable effective workplace communication even in global companies. Photo via Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine

    Take a moment to consider how you can improve workplace communication in honor of Better Business Communication Day!

    Effective communication has always been integral to organizations’ success. And with today’s increasingly distributed workforces, it’s more challenging too. Luckily, there are more ways to stay in touch and in the know than ever before with today’s high-tech tools. Read on to learn the latest tools to help workplace communication!


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