Simplify Your Life Week: 5 Ways to Help Workers De-stress

Celebrate Simplify Your Life Week with gThankYou!

Celebrate ‘Simplify Your Life Week’ by helping employees simplify and de-stress. (Photo via Kalyan Kanuri, Flickr)

It’s Simplify Your Life Week!

Simplifying life at work takes organizational cooperation and changes to workplace culture.

Managers have the power to institute these changes and model behavior that inspire everyone at work to simplify both individually and as a team.

“A single employee who desires a simpler culture is not sufficient,” writes Chetan Reddy of Digitalist Magazine. “Rather, the shift to simplify must start from the very top and filter down the workforce chain. […] Launching a simpler culture calls for the lateral and vertical support of everyone.”

“In essence, unity is the best form of simplicity,” Reddy writes.

The benefits of simplicity? Less bureaucracy, better communication, improved health, increased productivity and a more vibrant culture of engagement! In the coming days, celebrate Simplify Your Life Week by helping employees simplify and de-stress.

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How to Make Your Employee Thank Yous Last All Year

Employee thank yous should last all year long!

Express gratitude year-round — your body, mind, and workplace will thank you for it! (Photo via Betsy Weber, Flickr)

Employee thank yous during the holidays are certainly appreciated. But why limit giving thanks to once a year?

Two words (Thank You!) have the power to transform our health, happiness, performance and success, writes Jon Gordon, author of Soup–A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture, in a blog post, “The Power of Thank You.”

“Research shows that grateful people are happier and more likely to maintain good friendships,” he writes.

According to the Institute of HeartMath, gratitude also improves cardiovascular health and reduces stress.

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Engaging Employees Who Are Gone for the Summer

Engaging employees counts, even if they have the summer off!

Engaging employees such as school bus drivers can include a fun welcome-back day! (Photo via dhendrix73, Flickr)

It’s already mid-summer, and we all need a reminder here and there to keep engaging employees — especially those who don’t work in the summertime!

School bus drivers are an excellent example of important employees who deserve year-round engagement — even when they aren’t at work!

An Arizona school district sets a stellar example of engaging employees in the summertime — we could all learn a thing or two from them!

Tips for Engaging Employees ON BREAK:

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6 Ways to Thank Employees Without Breaking the Budget

gThankYou! knows many ways to thank employees, especially on a budget!

(Photo via, Flickr)

Don’t let budget constraints keep you from recognizing employees! There are ways to thank employees affordably and effectively.

Recognition isn’t optional! Be sure your company’s employee recognition programs don’t go dormant because budgets are tight.

Companies that forego gratitude risk losing employees. According to survey cited by Fast Company, a majority of surveyed employees say they would leave their current jobs immediately for a company that clearly recognizes employees on a regular basis.

The good news is, rewarding employees and motivating performance “does not always require a tremendous outlay of money,” according to Inc. Even modest recognition programs have an impact when objectives are strategically aligned with corporate business goals.

Maybe you’re thinking: But my company’s budget is really small!

Don’t worry! “The real answer is there is no budget too small. Even if you have no budget funds, a thank-you note, paid time off or a company-wide email recognizing an employee’s efforts can make an impact on employee engagement,” according to the UsMotivation blog post, “How to Budget for Employee Recognition Programs.”

Read on for six ways to thank employees effectively — and still keep your accounting department happy!

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9 Great Beach Reads on Building Employee Happiness

Great reads for building employee happiness!

Grab a book to recharge your goals for building employee happiness. (Photo via jgoge123, Flickr)

Headed out for vacation? Pack  a book or two about building employee happiness! It’ll help recharge your engagement strategy for the coming year.

A calm environment is the best place to learn new perspectives and spark innovation — just ask Bill Gates!

Every year, the Microsoft co-founder goes into seclusion for a “think week.” During his week away from the daily grind, Gates reads up on big-picture analyses related to his current work and the future of technology.

A “think week” is different from a working vacation. Instead of trying to keep up with the daily stream of emails and decisions, the smartphone is off and you’re taking a bird’s-eye view of your industry and professional goals.

“If you can’t take a week off, even a day or a few hours away from the office can provide just enough time and perspective to provide insights,” writes Tanner Christensen in the 99U post, “Why You Need a ‘Think Week’ Like Bill Gates.”

If you’re looking for inspirational reading for your own “think week” or for a few quiet hours on the beach while on vacation, consider one of these thought-provoking books on employee engagement and building employee happiness!

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Workplace Gratitude: A Surefire Way to Defuse Stress

Workplace gratitude: destress one day at a time!

Photo via David Wagner, Flickr

It’s easy to let work stress you out, but research shows that workplace gratitude can banish stress! The less stress employees experience, the healthier and more productive they are!

In “Surprising Benefits of Gratitude in the Workplace,” columnist J.D. Thornton explains the proof that gratitude releases dopamine in the brain, which increases well-being, optimism, and physical health. These feelings improve productivity, decision-making, and problem solving.

“Even a little bit of gratitude can make you feel better: when people took five to ten minutes at the end of their workday to record three personal or work-related things that went well and why, stress levels and physical health complaints—such as neck and back pain, headaches, and fatigue—decreased by 15%.”

In Gratitude: the Latest Self-help Trend that Could Change your Life,” Guardian writer Anna Hart writes about her interview with psychologist Brené Brown, the author of two New York Times bestsellers: The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly. Brown said:

“It’s not possible to be stressed about something when you’re being grateful for it.”

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Summer Employee Appreciation Fundamentals

Summertime engagement 101

Bring employees together for summertime engagement. (Photo via US Department of Education)

Summer employee appreciation can be tricky. It’s prime vacation season, plus, not all employees work through the summer — like school bus drivers and teachers, for example!

What engagement strategies do you use to stay connected with employees and build community throughout the summer? 

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Savvy HR: Build Your Own Workplace Celebration!

gThankYou! is all about workplace celebration.

A build-your-own workplace celebration fits to your organization, your people and your values! (Photo via MoneyBlogNewz, Flickr)

Build your own workplace celebration and you’ll not only honor your company’s unique culture but enjoy the full benefits of recognizing employees!

Observing major holidays with coworkers is important — Thanksgiving in particular is a celebration that unites Americans — but not all holidays are a good fit for your specific company, workplace culture, local customs and employee preferences.

When you design and take ownership of a workplace celebration, you set down a culture building-block! Celebrations define our values and bring us together with the people who share those values.

Celebrations also energize our daily lives and our commitment to shared goals. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

That’s why a build-your-own workplace celebration means more. Since it’s customized, it sends a powerful message that your company values its unique culture and people. Read on for ideas to get started!

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Workplace Engagement in the Age of Digital Marketing

How does your company engage with employees in the digital workplace?“At a moment in time when everyone is perpetually in touch, it is more important than ever that employees are engaged in corporate culture.”

According to New York branding and marketing firm Desantis Breindel, we work in environments in which, “everyone knows everything at all times.”

In the midst of fast-paced communication and constant information exchange, transparency is the key to focusing on workplace engagement–with both employees and customers–in the digital age.


In the 1990s, marketers thought about digital marketing the same way they thought about billboards or posters in train stations. According to OneSpot CEO Steve Sachs, companies’ strategy was limited to finding sites with relevant traffic and flooding them with display ads. Since then, companies have learned that digital engagement doesn’t come from constant presence but rather provision. In “What Will Brand Engagement Look Like in 2020?,” Sachs points out that providing useful and valuable content is what really glues consumers to your brand.

“It’s a highly personal experience when a consumer receives a message on a digital platform, whether it’s on a PC or a mobile device, on the open web or in social media. For maximum impact, content needs to feel as personal and relevant as the delivery channel allows.”

Read more and discover the top three ways your workplace can stay on top of digital-age employee and consumer engagement.

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Customer Loyalty Gifts for Everyday Appreciation

Want loyal customers? Thank them regularly with customer loyalty gifts!Yesterday was “Get to Know Your Customer Day,” which is an excellent time to give customer loyalty gifts — but don’t worry if you missed it! The best time to give a customer loyalty gift is whenever appreciation strikes.

Expressing gratitude bonds you to customers, which is essential to understanding their needs and their point of view! When you build relationships with customers, you also build loyalty, which helps your business prosper. As an added bonus

“When you [understand] your customers, it opens marketing opportunities. Loyal customers, invariably, will advertise your products for you.”

Read more on how to serve, appreciate, and retain your customers with customer loyalty gifts!

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