Affordable Employee Perks Worth Considering

Affordable employee perks make for happy employees!

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Free vacation may not sound like it belongs on a list of affordable employee perks, but it does!

Companies that recognize and appreciate employees through excellent benefits earn an ROE and ROA (return on equity and return on assets) 300% times the businesses that don’t.

According to Bamboo Blog writer Kelsie Davis in “15 Creative Benefit Ideas for Happy, Productive Employees:” 

“From free food to multiple months of paid time off for new parents, companies are pulling out all the stops—and with good reason.”

Clothing company Betabrand charges corporate expenses to a rewards-based credit card and gives the travel benefits to its employees, writes Inc. staff writer Graham Winfrey in “How to Send Your Employees on Their Dream Vacations (for Free).”

Employees choose where they want to go, and Betabrand sends one employee on a trip every six weeks, says MarketWatch reporter Caitlin Huston in “Perk for all: Startup gives workers free trips, avoids the bill.” One staffer recently flew to Ireland and another to the Yucatan Peninsula.

If you can pay off your corporate credit card in full each month, consider giving free rewards points to employees. This suggestion comes from chief financial analyst Greg McBride. He suggests other affordable employee perks including:

  • Company trips—Even a day off site close to the office can help employees relax and connect with each other.
  • Cut hours—Let everyone leave at 4 p.m. on Fridays—even once a month—and lift employees’ spirits!
  • Work from anywhere—Give workers the flexibility to work from home.
  • Paid volunteer time—Encourage employees to volunteer at their favorite nonprofits a certain number of hours per year.

In “The 7 Best Employee Benefits in 2015,” writer Jordan Jolley also names meaningful, affordable employee perks including:

  • Workplace FlexibilityIf an employee misses a day due to illness, to care for a sick child or some other unavoidable reason, allow him or her to make the time up by working extra hours on other days.
  • Family Focus—Plan events or outings and encourage employees to bring their families

If you show employees you value them by providing great benefits—such as one or more of these affordable perks—they’ll repay you with increased productivity and engagement, lower absenteeism, and less turnover. Hence your higher ROE and ROA!

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Retention Problems? Build a Thank You Culture

Build a thank you culture in your workplace!

Start building your thank you culture today!

Build a thank you culture in your business and you’ll have loyal employees and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Workplace culture is top of mind for many companies as the economy improves. In fact, as Forbes contributor Josh Bersin writes in “Culture: Why It’s The Hottest Topic In Business Today,” employees’ bargaining power has increased:

“We have a retention crisis. New Deloitte research shows that culture, engagement, and employee retention are now the top talent challenges facing business leaders. More than half of business leaders rate this issue ‘urgent’—up from only around 20% last year.”

Check out Bersin’s company culture assessment tools and keep reading for tips on building thank you culture in your workplace!

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#BK2HK: The Amazing Power of Workplace Kindness

Let gThankYou! help you practice workplace kindness!

Workplace kindness can be as simple as a genuine smile and “How are you today?” (Image via Kate Ter Haar, Flickr)

Celebrate workplace kindness in the coming days for “Be Kind to Humankind Week”!

Like kindness itself, Be Kind to Humankind Week (#BK2HK) has spread far and wide thanks to one individual’s actions.

In 1988, founder Lorraine Jara was heartbroken by a story about a young man who died after several people refused to assist in a boat rescue in frigid waters. When asked for permission to use his radio antenna to call for help, one passing boater reportedly said, “We don’t want to be bothered.”

Jara started Be Kind to Humankind Week as a way to encourage kindness in memory of the young man.

“People need people; it’s as simple as that! In order to have the power to make the world a better place, we must first change our attitudes for the better,” she writes on her website.

Not all acts of kindness are a matter of life and death, but even simple choices in how we interact on a daily basis are powerful. In the workplace, a culture of kindness keeps your company robust, healthy and happy.

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How to Engage Senior Citizen Employees

Do Employee engagement right on National Senior Citizen Day with gThankYou!

Senior workers need engagement too! (Photo via Caspar Diederik, Flickr)

On Friday, we celebrated National Senior Citizens Day. As seniors citizens’ ranks grow, be sure you have a plan to engage senior citizen employees!

The role of senior citizens in society has changed dramatically in recent decades. They’re the fastest growing age demographic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and they’re choosing to work now more than ever. Workplaces especially need to adapt.

Seniors in the workplace crave engagement (like the rest of us) and opportunities to learn and add value.  Don’t miss out on all the contributions their maturity and experience can add to your workplace!

Read on for tips on how to engage senior citizen employees and why it’s increasingly important in today’s workplace.

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Give the Workplace Gift Everyone Needs: Flexibility!

Make flexibility a workplace gift in YOUR company!

The flexibility to work when and where you want is a valued workplace benefit, especially this busy back-to-school time of year.

As summer winds down, the workplace gift employees appreciate most is a flexible schedule!

As people take last-minute summer outings and families prepare kids for the new school years, work/life balance is more important than ever.

Late August is especially challenging for parents and caregivers sending older kids off to college and preparing younger ones to go back to school. There are some responsibilities people just need to take care of during a workday, like meeting their child’s Kindergarten teacher or attending mandatory parent school meetings.  A little flexibility this time of year can go a long way to building employee loyalty and morale.  It’s a valuable workplace gift indeed – and it’s good for your business, too!

GivE Workers the Workplace Gift of Flextime!

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How B Corps Build Lasting Employee Engagement

Building lasting employee engagement with a B corporation!

Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s got certified as a B Corp in 2012. (Photo via Flickr user m01229)

Want to build sustainable, lasting employee engagement?

Incorporating or getting certified as a Benefit Corporation — or B Corp is trending among for-profit companies committed to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. It fosters engaged workforces that share ownership in this commitment!

Financial success and social good attracts and retains talented employees, according to the New Yorker article “Companies with Benefits.” Survey data indicates piqued interest in socially conscious companies, especially among young people seeking a greater sense of purpose in their work.

“As individuals, we try to make our work not just profitable but also meaningful. It may be time for more companies to do the same,” writes the New Yorker’s James Sorowiecki.

Read on for an intro to Benefit Corporations and Certified B Corps and to find out how a commitment to social good improves employee engagement.

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Corporate Gift Certificates = Easy Employee Thank You’s!

Employees love corporate gift certificates!

Start a gratitude board in your workplace’s common area to show employees that you notice their hard work!
Photo via Morgan, Flickr

Research continues to remind us that expressing on-going gratitude for employees is critical to workplace well-being! Occasional gift-giving is one way to make your workplace Thank You more meaningful. Corporate gift certificates are an easy to execute and widely appreciated reward for employees’ efforts—and they don’t need to break your budget!

In Harvard Business Review’s  Foster a Culture of Gratitude,” provost and professor of management Christine M. Riordan discusses relevant research. Studies prove that showing gratitude makes employees feel valued, which inspires:

  • Higher satisfaction with their jobs
  • Willingness to work longer hours
  • Engagement in productive relationships with coworkers and supervisors
  • Motivation to do their best
  • A desire to work toward achieving the company’s goals!

How can you express gratitude in a meaningful, affordable way? Read on to learn more about how to use corporate gift certificates as a tool for employee appreciation!

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The Secret to Motivating Your Team: Say Thank You!

gThankYou! knows a thing or two about motivating your team!

Photo via woodleywonderworks, Flickr.

Motivating your team couldn’t be simpler — just thank your employees for their efforts and they’ll feel more valued. When employees know you’re grateful for their efforts, they work harder and productivity improves. It’s really remarkably easy.

say thank you and employees work harder

Just consider the results of this recent Glassdoor survey. As Huffington Post writer Chad Brooks discovered in Appreciation Motivates Employees To Work Harder, Study Says,” the study shows:

  • Over 80% of employees work harder when their boss shows appreciation
  • Over 60% of employees lose motivation when their boss is demanding or they fear losing their job
  • Over 50% confirmed a willingness to stay at their job if a boss exhibited appreciation
  • 46% of respondents feel appreciated when their boss offers an unexpected treat like snacks, meals, or Thank You notes
  • 24% report interest in company-sponsored social events such as  a holiday party!

Remember to say Thank You for employees’ successful everyday tasks, not just showy big wins. In “10 Things Employees Really Need to Hear From You,former CEO and contributing editor Geoffrey James reminds us that the little things count much more than we think they do!

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The Secret to a Perfect Turkey Gift Program!

gThankYou! knows a thing or two about a solid turkey gift program!

Your employees will appreciate being able to stock their fridge — at their convenience — with the centerpiece to their holiday feast! (Photo via USDA, Flickr)

August is the ideal time to start planning your employe turkey gift program!

Thanksgiving is just three months away. The sooner you have your program logistics in place, the more time you’ll have this holiday season to focus on augmenting your turkey gift program with personalized gratitude, holiday parties and seasonal employee engagement activities.

Why give the gift of a turkey?

The gift of food is “the sincerest demonstration of gratitude you can find,” writes Today columnist Laura T. Coffey in a post about office gift-giving.

As the centerpiece to the holiday feast, turkey gifts evoke family togetherness and the joy of the season. They’re not just meaningful — they’re practical, too! That makes them the perfect gift for busy working families who value convenience and time together.

Wondering where to start? We’ve got you covered! The secret to an effective turkey gift program — planning to implementation — is surprisingly simple.

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Gratitude Yields Health Benefits, So Thank Employees Often

Quick reminder to thank your employees!

Gratitude is good for your health! Thank your employees and feel great.

The web is abuzz about the gratitude’s health benefits. It turns out that when you thank employees, you’re not only helping them feel valued and appreciated, but also helping yourself!

Here’s the buzz.

When you thank your employees, it makes you healthy. When workers thank each other, their health improves! As businessperson and writer JD Thornton writes in “Surprising Benefits of Gratitude in the Workplace,” for Total Wellness:

While you may think gratitude is a soft, fluffy feel-good topic, it can have a huge impact on your company.”

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