What Santa Teaches Us About Workplace Gratitude

The holiday season is an excellent time to exercise workplace gratitude!

All Santas and no Grinches — that’s what a thriving culture of workplace gratitude looks like. (Photo via Jon Oropeza, Flickr)

Santa Claus isn’t just the jolly old fellow who shimmies down chimneys to bring gifts to good children. He’s also an unofficial expert in cultivating workplace gratitude.

Just ask the elves at his toy workshop at the North Pole. They would all agree that Santa is a great boss! Sure, it gets busy in November and December, but Santa knows how to keep his workers happy, productive and engaged — all the while delighting his “customers” around the world with timely, personalized gifts.

All he asks for in return are a few cookies and a glass of milk. Ho ho ho!

Read on to find out what Santa and his elves can teach us about cultivating better workplace gratitude.

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Celebrate Your Team: Taking Stock of the Year Together

Celebrate your team with gThankYou! Certificates and Custom 'Thank You' CardsAs the year comes to a close, it’s time to celebrate your team and reflect on your company’s successes.  Sharing the progress of the year with employees helps build community and commitment to your organization’s goals. Take advantage of the holiday season and year-end to celebrate employees’ contributions to making your year a success.

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Helpful Tips for Last-Minute Employee Holiday Gift Givers

It's never too late for employee holiday gifts with gThankYou!

It isn’t too late to bring holiday cheer to your workplace! (Photo via Steve Jurvetson, Flickr)

Need last-minute employee holiday gifts? Don’t stress! We’ve got tips that’ll make your gift-giving easy, meaningful and appreciated.

Now that it’s mid-December, we’re counting down the holiday season in days, not weeks. Time is of the essence, and even the slightest planning ahead steers clear of holiday gifts that are obviously rushed, thoughtless or generic.

USA Today recently cited a Consumer Reports study of gift-giving in the workplace. A whopping 30 percent of people agree that coworkers and bosses give the worst holiday gifts. Yikes! Don’t use procrastination as an excuse to add to that statistic.

Take a deep breath and follow these steps for sharing great employee holiday gifts at the last-minute (without letting it show).

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How Gratitude Helps with Holiday Stress

Exercise gratitude and smile! Don't let holiday stress bring you down.

Gratitude to the rescue! Don’t let holiday stress bring you down. Stay grateful. (Photo via mysza, Flickr)

Gratitude to the rescue! If holiday stress creeps into your workplace, try mindfulness and gratitude techniques to restore your sanity, be more productive and bring joy to those around you.

Although the holiday season is all about appreciation and togetherness, it ironically triggers disconnection and stress when we don’t actively exercise conscientious and grateful attitudes.

Ingratitude spreads quickly in social situations — the workplace included! Don’t give it time to spread. Read on for tips on how to use gratitude to beat common holiday stressors in the workplace.

Gratitude Remedies for Common Holiday Workplace Stresses

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Workplace Wellness Shouldn’t Holiday During the Holidays


Santa must have a workplace wellness program to be ready to fit in all those chimneys! Santa Design by Vetorizar.com/FreeVector.com

We all know the holidays wreck havoc with our diets and stress levels.  That makes workplace wellness efforts more important than ever during the holiday season!

“The busy holiday season can lead to poor food choices, a decrease in physical activity levels, and heightened stress levels. If not properly managed, these habits can lead to unwanted weight gain, decreased productivity, and other health issues, according to a press release MediFit released last year, ‘MediFit Releases Holiday Corporate Health & Wellness Infographic.‘”

Americans spend at least a third of the day at work. Provide easy ways for employees to make healthier choices such as the chance to work out at lunch, healthy food choices in the vending machines and cafeterias and flextime to help with family demands during the holidays.  It will help employees and your business!

According to MediFit:

“By implementing health programs for employee education and use, employers can see a boost in corporate health, morale, and productivity as the year draws to a close.”

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How to Make Your Holiday Workplace Celebration a Success

Holiday workplace celebrations are more than simple fun!

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo by Vince Little, Flickr

’Tis the season for holiday workplace celebrations, and it takes a little planning to make your celebration a success! Employees should not only enjoy themselves, but also see the party as a reward and recognition for their hard work.

Why Hold a Holiday Party?

In his blog, “Successful Holiday Parties: Tips for the Respectful Workplace,” Richard Hart suggests employers sponsor holiday functions to bring people together and strengthen social bonds. Frequently their objectives, he writes, are to:

  • Create a fun, relaxing experience for employees
  • Make people feel good
  • Foster a sense of connection amongst colleagues
  • Celebrate the workforce’s accomplishments
  • Inspire a moment of shared meaning in the workplace community

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The Secret to Great Employee Holiday Gifts: Gratitude!

What's the key to employee holiday gifts? An attitude of gratitude!

Relax and make gratitude the focus of your employee holiday gifts. In this photo, members of the North Dakota National Guard deliver holiday gifts to residents of a Veterans Home. (Photo via U.S. Army, Flickr)

If you’re in charge of employee holiday gifts, you’re probably under a lot of pressure right now. No boss wants to be remembered as the misguided (or worse — thoughtless!) workplace gift-giverdoling out frozen turkeys with no way to keep them frozen, a bag of bean soup mix, wrong sized logo-wear, or other too personal or disappointing gifts.

Fortunately it’s easy to avoid those terrible-gift scenarios altogether and share employee gifts that are meaningful to recipients and affordable for you!

doing employee holiday gifts right: The Gratitude Attitude

The secret of successful employee holiday gifts is in the overall company attitude. Are you sharing gifts because you feel obligated or because it makes the company look good? Uh-oh!

Gift-giving is a great business strategy for employee recognition and retention — even better than cash bonuses, according to recent research — but your efforts are at risk of falling flat if you lose sight of why we share gifts: to show appreciation.

Attorney Harley Storrings, contributing writer at Biz Journals, advises against any ungracious gift-giving. His recent column, “5 Guidelines for Holiday Gifts in the Workplace”, is a helpful, practical how-to on workplace gift-budgeting and communication. He concludes with one piece of advice that really gets to the heart of gift-giving:

“… always remember that the point of office gift exchanges is to express our appreciation for colleagues and managers in a meaningful and tangible way. Most problems arise when gifts are exchanged for other reasons.”

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gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gift Certificates Delight All!

Employees love our gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Certificates -- especially with a FREE personalized Enclosure Card!The gThankYou! team hopes that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as we did. We’re planning to delight our workforce with gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gift Certificates this holiday season and we’d love to help you do the same!

‘Tis the season for family get-togethers, celebrations with friends, parties with colleagues. Surely your employees, business partners, and valued customers would love to serve a turkey or ham — provided by you!

gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude are affordable, easy and convenient — for the giver and the recipient. You can order them online with a couple of clicks, and in most cases they’ll ship the same day you order.

Just ONE of our many free Winter Designs!Choose from dozens of our FREE customizable Enclosure Cards! We have a specially-designed Winter Holidays catalog. Choose your favorite design and customize a personal message — we can even include your company logo!

gThankYou!  offers Turkey and Ham Certificates!

Photo via Betty Crocker Recipes, Flickr

Imagine how delighted your customers, colleagues, and employees will be when
you hand them a gThankYou! gift certificate for a turkey or ham. Accompany your certificate with a big smile, a handshake, and well wishes — if you can specifically compliment each employee for his or her accomplishments, even better!

Recipients can redeem their gThankYou! Gift Certificates at the grocery store they want, whenever they want. They select the turkey or ham that fits the occasion.  Any Brand, any preparation – fresh, frozen or cooked.

What could be easier or more welcome?

Follow our blog, Celebrating Work, for additional ideas on how to distribute gThankYou! gift certificates and for year-round coverage of industry best practices for gratitude and recognition in the workplace.

Questions? Check our user-friendly 2-page guide below! 

Click here to download our FREE Guide to gThankYou! Gift Certificates!

About gThankYou, LLC

Turkey Gift Certificates and Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates by gThankYou! are two of America’s favorite employee gifts and can be redeemed for any Brand (Turkey or Turkey Or Ham), at virtually any Grocery Store in the U.S.

gThankYou, LLC provides company leaders with a variety of easy, meaningful and affordable ways to recognize and reward employees, holiday time or anytime. gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude and our free Enclosure Cards are personalizable including incorporating your company logo. And, nearly all orders ship same day.

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Employee Recognition Done Right: Learning from 5 Pros

employee recognition quote from Willie Nelson

Does your employee recognition program count your company’s blessings? (Image adapted from pictoquotes, Flickr)

“Employee engagement” might be the HR buzzword of the past few years, but it’s hardly a new concept.

Why do we share gifts with our colleagues, anyway? Why does saying “thank you” matter so much?

Let’s look to some of the century’s smartest and most successful CEOs for inspiration on employee recognition! The following quotes prove that employee recognition isn’t just the nice thing to do, it’s also absolutely crucial to business-building and innovation.

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Investing in Employee Appreciation Isn’t Just a Holiday Thing

With Thanksgiving just behind us and the winter holidays approaching, thanking your employees for all they do should be top of mind! But employee appreciation isn’t a one-and-done deal.

employee appreciation means saying "thank you"!

Employee appreciation is a year-round commitment. As this year winds down, why not take stock of your current employee recognition program — what went well this year? What could have been done better? How are you going to continue to build employee engagement and happiness in 2015?

According to Bob Nelson and Patrick Dailey in “Four Steps for Evaluating Recognition Programs,” it’s critical to define specific, measurable goals for your employee appreciation program and measure progress toward them.

Discern first whether your program is effective. Do the ends justify the means — your time, effort, and expenses? Determine a baseline and measure improvement from there. If you don’t have baseline measurements in place, now’s the time to establish them for next year.

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